SAC Challenge final submission for Matt Dusk

Your Name

Laura Burns

2. What was the hardest challenge or hardest part of the challenge for you and why?

Overall Tecnical diffuculties recording and mixing multiple tracks.  Often the files made yellow exclaimation point error alerts.  This was the most difficult ongoing problem.  A combination of outdated GarageBand, and my own poor technical recording skills.

3. What did you enjoy most about participating in this experience?

I liked many parts of the challenge.  I enjoyed learning new things about songwriting.  I enjoyed meeting other songwriters online, both the coaches and fellow Challenge participants.  It felt so great to get positive feedback on some of my songs, and on my voice.  And it was such a wonderful surprise when I realized that James Linderman had made a recording of my song with him playing piano!  🙂

4. What is something significant that you learned from taking on this challenge? (It can be about yourself or about the challenge)  I learned that I can write a song fairly fast when I need to.  I realized that I need to get  recording lessons.  I realize that I probably should have collaborated earlier in the challenge.

5. Would you do this type of challenge again? Why or why not?  Yes, I would do this type of challenge again, hopefully with more knowledge of how to navigate challenges.

6. Your link to your Matt Dusk submission. Please include lyrics on your SoundCloud page. Here’s the song I wrote that I’m submitting to Matt Dusk.  For this version of my song Measurements, fellow SAC challenge bro Martin Clark graciously played piano, Thanks Mr. Clark!  .  Here’s one of me other versions of the song just incase (because I had some tech difficulty with the other track at one time.),   P.S. I wanted to post Mr. James Linderman’s recording of my song, but maybe I’m not allowed to use a coaches version?  It doesn’t seem to be on James Lindermans soundcloud page ay more.  Oh well, thankful that Mr. Linderman made that recording, it made me smile.   🙂 Laura

Week 6 continued … Collaborations

Shira Katz and I swapped her lovely piano playing for my vocals. Thanks for all your work Shira!  Unfortunately I had a hard time mixing her track with my vocals on my outdated Garage Band, so I didn’t manage to use her track.  But please listen to her arrangement of my song here:

And Here’s my vocals for her song.  I had a few tech difficulties again mixing her instrumental with Garage Band, so ended up recording this on my phone, I didn’t get the best sound, but I tried.!

SAC Challenge Week 6 Christmas Song “Christmas Eve” by Laura Burns

Hi everyone, Here’s my SAC Challenge Week 6 Christmas Song “Christmas Eve”.  So happy and grateful to challenge issuer Mr. Vincent Degiorgio this week for asking for a Christmas song!  Christ-mas is one of my favorite holidays as a follower of Christ!  😉                                 

As always thanks to our coaches James Linderman and Debra Alexander for sharing their knowledge and experience.  Extra special thanks to James Linderman this week for recording instrumentals onto the song I’m pitching for Matt Dusk, “Measurements”.  Thanks also to SAC Challenge musicians Shira Katz and Martin Clark  for their kind offers to provide musical accompaniment to my songs.   Unfortunately, probably due to my limited technical knowledge, whenever I tried to import their files to my outdated Garage Band it worked for a minute, but then the file either wouldn’t open or kept saying things like ‘error’ abort’, or incorrect format, corrupted file”.   I also had the privilege to sing on Shira Katz’s lovely Christmas song this week, though my vocals weren’t the best as I recorded her track around 2 am a few nights ago, then when I re-recorded I had Garage Band problems again.   I recorded Shira Katz’s song again on my phone, and am trying to upload it on soundcloud. Oh well, thanks to God it’s all working out ok in the end!

SAC Challenge week 4 Country/ Pop song

Hi ya’ll, here’s my SAC Challenge week 4 Country/ Pop song link and lyrics.                                      The pianist on the track is my friend Conrad Gayle, he also put some root chords on my melody. Thanks to this week’s challenge issuer and industry pro: Ron Irving. As always thanks to Debra Alexander and James Linderman for their teaching and talent! 🙂

Let me Rest

Melody and Lyrics by Laura Burns © 2011-2015

I’ve tried God oh how I’ve tried
I worked the whole day through
Now I need a little quiet time
Just to be here with You
In the stillness
in the quiet

to be still and know
You are my God
be still and know
You are my God

So let me rest on Your shoulder
Just for a little while
Just for a little while
rest on Your shoulder
’till I go to sleep

And this is what He said to me
and this is what He said
“Be still and know
You are my God
be still and know
You are my God”

So let me rest on Your shoulder
Just for a little while
Just for a little while
rest on Your shoulder
’till I go to sleep

SAC Challenge week 2 song /blog

Thanks to Rob Wells for this week’s challenge, and as always to our coaches.  James Linderman very kindly made a special video for a question I asked which was very informative.

As for me, I have been asked to write a song for my Church, so juggling ideas for 2 different songs this week has been a challenge.

The song I wrote contrasts the way society measures girls by outer appearance, with how God loves us as we are.

I think I should probably collaborate with someone who is skilled at recording and playing piano.  The people I usually write songs with are not part of SAC, so I should probably look for a SAC collaborator.  Thanks to those who have offered to collaborate so far.  My strength, as a published poet, tends to be in lyrics, very simple melodies, and vocals.

Here’s the song I wrote for this week’s challenge.  ( I was having trouble syncing and mixing the tracks I recorded.  I ended up taking the piano part off one of my recordings and now there’s just voice.)

Feeling grateful for SAC Challenge 2015

Hi everyone!  🙂  I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this songwriting challenge.  Thanks to coach James Linderman, and other participating songwriters for your kind words about my voice.  Thanks also to coach Debra Alexander her encouragement, and guidance.   Wishing everyone success in their songwriting!

My experience this week has been good I have started several songs.

My only real challenge is that I have so many unfinished songs, and need some guidance in how to finish them.  I need advice especially in melodic ‘hooks’ for choruses, that are a melodic departure from the rest of the song, but still  sound like they go with the rest of the song.  I welcome feedback and advice. I am looking for possible collaborators, thanks to those who have offered to collaborate so far.

Mini Bio

I’m a ‪#‎Christian‬ singer songwriter, and published poet.  My music is #Christian ‪#‎Jazz‬ / ‪#‎Roots‬ style music.  Here’s a sample from my soundcloud page. Blessings,