SAC Challenge week 2 song /blog

Thanks to Rob Wells for this week’s challenge, and as always to our coaches.  James Linderman very kindly made a special video for a question I asked which was very informative.

As for me, I have been asked to write a song for my Church, so juggling ideas for 2 different songs this week has been a challenge.

The song I wrote contrasts the way society measures girls by outer appearance, with how God loves us as we are.

I think I should probably collaborate with someone who is skilled at recording and playing piano.  The people I usually write songs with are not part of SAC, so I should probably look for a SAC collaborator.  Thanks to those who have offered to collaborate so far.  My strength, as a published poet, tends to be in lyrics, very simple melodies, and vocals.

Here’s the song I wrote for this week’s challenge.  ( I was having trouble syncing and mixing the tracks I recorded.  I ended up taking the piano part off one of my recordings and now there’s just voice.)

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