SAC Challenge Week 6 Christmas Song “Christmas Eve” by Laura Burns

Hi everyone, Here’s my SAC Challenge Week 6 Christmas Song “Christmas Eve”.  So happy and grateful to challenge issuer Mr. Vincent Degiorgio this week for asking for a Christmas song!  Christ-mas is one of my favorite holidays as a follower of Christ!  😉                                 

As always thanks to our coaches James Linderman and Debra Alexander for sharing their knowledge and experience.  Extra special thanks to James Linderman this week for recording instrumentals onto the song I’m pitching for Matt Dusk, “Measurements”.  Thanks also to SAC Challenge musicians Shira Katz and Martin Clark  for their kind offers to provide musical accompaniment to my songs.   Unfortunately, probably due to my limited technical knowledge, whenever I tried to import their files to my outdated Garage Band it worked for a minute, but then the file either wouldn’t open or kept saying things like ‘error’ abort’, or incorrect format, corrupted file”.   I also had the privilege to sing on Shira Katz’s lovely Christmas song this week, though my vocals weren’t the best as I recorded her track around 2 am a few nights ago, then when I re-recorded I had Garage Band problems again.   I recorded Shira Katz’s song again on my phone, and am trying to upload it on soundcloud. Oh well, thanks to God it’s all working out ok in the end!

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