Week # 5 SAC Challenge

Hi everyone,

As always thanks to our coaches James Linderman and Debra Alexander.  I was so encouraged by their kind words about the song I submitted for week 4.  Thanks also to SAC staff especially Lily Cheng for her support this week.   And thanks to  this week’s challenge issuer Jordan Howard.

The Week # 5 SAC Challenge was definitely the most challenging week for me.  I asked SAC staff Lily Cheng if I could pitch for a different TV show about weddings I found on broadjam ,  instead of the ‘1900’s Dexter’ show.  Thankfully she said yes.  I just felt I needed to find a show that was more in keeping with my Christian values.  I wanted to pitch to another TV show affiliated with Mr. Jordan Howard’s company CCS Rights Management.  However,  I could not find listings for pitch requests to specific shows on their site.  Could someone check this broadjam TV show pitch request out for me to make sure it is legit?  The broadjam request  for a song pitch is at the bottom of this page below my soundcloud song link.  Thanks


Songs: Music needed for New TV Show!

Posted: Feb 26, 2015
Deadline: Mar 31, 2015
Category: TV
Genre: All
Payout: Selected songs will be included on the cue sheet and the artist will receive performance royalties. Artists keep 100% of royalties.
Looking For: A new show for a major cable television network is going to be about the BIG DAY (you know what we mean!) and they need soft romantic love songs that would fit in a wedding ceremony or for a couple’s first dance. Here are some examples that would work:
Description: Broadjam partner and music licensing powerhouse, Tinderbox Music, is seeking music for one of television’s largest cable networks.

Opportunity ID: FT15AO02
Sound Qualities Accepted: Broadcast Quality
Instrumentals Accepted: No
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No

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